Adding details to a server project

The first step is to add a server project and provide some details about it.

Before you begin

To add one or more projects to manage access to your test assets, you must log in to IBM® Rational® Test Automation Server by providing the application URL in a browser.

If you are a new user, and LDAP and Active Directory are not configured, you must first sign up by completing a form that specifies user information such as an email, user name, and password, then you can log in by using that information.

About this task

You add a project and give it a name and description.


  1. Log in to Rational® Test Automation Server.
  2. From the Home page, add a project. Give it a name and if you want, add a description.
    The Details page is displayed.
  3. Decide if you want a public project, which is the default, or a private project.

What to do next

You can add a repository to your server project.