Test results

After the tests or schedules are run and completed, you can view the results and reports in IBM® Rational® Test Automation Server to analyze the verdict, the performance, and statistics. You can also re-execute tests and schedules from the Result page with the same commit id.

From the Results page, you can perform the following tasks:
  • Searching for test results. You can filter test results by using any of the following ways:
    • By using the Search field to search for results by name.
    • By selecting predefined time interval from the Selection interval drop-down list.
    • By selecting To and From date from the Date Interval option.
    • By clicking verdict from the Verdict summary slider (Pass, Fail, Inconclusive, or Error).
    • By creating filter queries.
  • Adding labels if you have a tester or an owner role.
  • Locking test results: Locked results can be unlocked by the project owner or the project member who locked the results.
  • Deleting test results.
  • Comparing performance reports.
  • Viewing trending reports.
  • Viewing multiple reports depending on the test types: Statistics reports, Mobile and Web UI reports, Functional reports, Unified Reports.
  • Re-executing tests with the same commit id.

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