Stubs: Starting or stopping

When you have stubs in the API test assets, you can start or stop the stubs contained in the API test assets from the Execution page in IBM® Rational® Test Automation Server.

You can only run the stubs added to your project on Rational® Test Automation Server and you cannot create stubs in Rational® Test Automation Server.

You can create stubs only in Rational® Integration Tester. After you create the stubs in Rational® Integration Tester and add them to your project on IBM® Rational® Test Automation Server, you can then run the stubs.

After you start the stubs, you can run tests that use the stubs. When you are done testing the stubs, you must stop the stub. If the stubs are not stopped, the stubs continue to run indefinitely until they are stopped.

You can perform the following tasks on the stubs that are supported on Rational® Test Automation Server: