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Getting started with the product
You can view the task-flow diagrams for some of the features and read the overview topics for the product and for each test extension.
Test an SOA application
The movies in this tutorial show you the main features of IBM® Rational® Service Tester for SOA Quality or the SOA extension for IBM Rational Performance Tester. The tutorial requires Flash Player to view.
Installing Rational® Service Tester for SOA Quality
This installation guide provides instructions for installing, updating, and uninstalling IBM® Rational® Service Tester for SOA Quality.
Upgrading and migrating
No upgrade is supported to the current major version of the product. You must uninstall the existing version of the product before installing the latest version of the product.
Migrating test assets to a new release of the product
After you install a later version of the product and you choose to open the product from an old workspace, you are prompted to migrate test projects, tests, schedules, rules, and reports. Tests and schedules are migrated automatically when you modify and save them.
Testing with Rational® Team Concert™
You can manage test assets with Jazz™ source control management by integrating the test workbench with IBM® Rational® Team Concert™ eclipse client.
Testing with Rational® Quality Manager
By integrating IBM® Rational® Quality Manager with the product, you can initiate the test runs from Rational Quality Manager. Read these topics to learn about how to configure Rational Quality Manager.
Testing with Jenkins
You can use the Rational® Performance Tester Jenkins plugin for performance testing to run tests on a Jenkins server by using a Jenkins build step.
Testing with Ant
You can use ant to run performance and compound tests from the command line. Starting from V2.0 of the ant plugin, you can run multiple tests simultaneously. V5.0 of the ant plugin is supported in IBM® Rational® Performance Tester V10.0.2 of the testing products.
Testing with Maven
Starting from V9.2.0, you can use the Maven plug-in that is provided with the testing product to run tests as part of your Maven build. Apache Maven is a software build tool based on the concept of a project object model (POM).
Testing with Rational® Integration Tester
Starting from v9.1.1, you can use Rational® Integration Tester extension to execute Integration tests. In Rational Performance Tester, you can either import the projects from Rational Integration Tester or manage them from Rational Performance Tester by establishing the connection between the products. In Rational Performance Tester , you can create a schedule or compound test to run the tests by using the Agents.
Integrating and running performance test scripts in Micro Focus ALM
To obtain test result details, you must integrate and run performance test scripts in Micro Focus Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) by using a readily available template available in IBM® Rational® Performance Tester installation directory.
Integration with Azure DevOps
When you use Azure DevOps for continuous integration and continuous deployment of your application, you can create tests for your application in IBM® Rational® Performance Tester and run those tests in Azure DevOps pipelines. You can integrate Azure DevOps with Rational Performance Tester by using the IBM Rational Test Workbench extension that is available in the Visual Studio Marketplace portal.
Integration of Jaeger with the product
Jaeger is software for tracing transactions between distributed services. You can use Jaeger to monitor and troubleshoot complex microservices environments.
EGit integration
EGit is an Eclipse plugin for the Git version control system. You can store your test assets in the Git repository and use EGit for the daily version control operations.
Creating tests
To create a test, you record representative interactions with an application.
Editing tests
Running tests
Evaluating results
Simulating services with stubs
Service stubs enable you to simulate the behavior of an actual service for a wide variety testing or integration purposes.
Sending service requests with the generic service client
The generic service client enables you to send requests to services for which you do not have a convenient client and to view the responses returned by the service.
Extending test execution with custom code
You can extend how you run your tests by writing custom Java™ code and calling the code from the test. You can also specify that results from the tests that are affected by your custom code be included in reports.
Use these topics to learn how to troubleshoot issues with the product and understand the error messages of the product.
Troubleshooting performance testing
This topic provides information about how to troubleshoot several problems with IBM® Rational® Performance Tester.
Performance testing error messages
Find more information about the error messages.
Accessibility features
Users who have a physical disability, such as limited vision, can review the available accessibility features to use their information technology products successfully.
Generic service client references
Read these reference topics for Generic service client.
WSDL security editor reference
With the Web Service Description Language (WSDL) security editor you can create and edit security configurations for a WSDL file.
Release notes
This document contains information about what's new, installation, and known issues in IBM® Rational® Service Tester for SOA Quality.
Security considerations for the product
You can take actions to ensure that you customize your security settings and set up user access controls. You can also learn about any security limitations that you might encounter with this application.