Viewing GUI data in the SAP Protocol Data view

The SAP Protocol Data view provides a graphical view of screens as they are displayed in the SAP GUI. In addition, it provides a view of the SAP GUI object data. The data displayed in the SAP Protocol Data view is synchronized with the test elements selected in the test editor.


To view test contents in the SAP Protocol Data view:

  1. Open the test.
  2. Click the SAP Protocol Data tab to activate the view.
    As shown in the example, the tab color changes to blue and the tabs for the Protocol Data view are displayed.

    If you cannot locate the SAP Protocol Data tab, you can open this view by clicking Window > Show View > Other > Test > SAP Protocol Data.

  3. In the test editor, click the line corresponding to the transaction, screen or SAP event that you want to view.
  4. In the SAP Protocol Data view, click the tab corresponding to the type of data or view of interest.
    • Clicking Screen Capture opens a page that displays the corresponding screen as recorded in the SAP GUI client. If a SAP event is selected, the corresponding field, button or GUI object is highlighted in red.
    • Clicking Object Data opens a page that displays the SAP GUI object data for the corresponding object. This data can be used to identify the object in a test element.