Synchronizing a remote WSDL file

For web services that make their Web Services Description Language (WSDL) file available from a URL, you might have to ensure that the WSDL that you work with is always up to date. By synchronizing the WSDL, you ensure that the local copy of the WSDL in your workspace is regularly synchronized with the remote WSDL.

Before you begin

Ensure that you have a valid WSDL file. Ensure that the WSDLs use the correct syntax for the test environment. The product might not work with some WSDL files.

WSDL synchronization only works with remote WSDLs that are imported from a URL.

The WSDL synchronization runs either when the workbench is started or after a specified period. If the remote WSDL changes, the local copy of the WSDL is updated. Depending on the changes, a merge is performed and any service requests that use the WSDL are updated. If the changes to the WSDL cannot be automatically applied to the service requests, for example if an operation is removed or renamed or if the XML structure of the service request is changed, the test is marked with a error.


To import a synchronized remote WSDL:
  1. Open the generic service client, click the Requests tab, and then, click Add a WSDL file Add a WSDL file.
  2. In the Add WSDL Files window, click Import from URL to download and import a remote WSDL from the web.
  3. On the Import WSDL from URL page, type the URL of the remote WSDL.
    If you are connecting through a proxy or a corporate firewall, click Proxy properties to specify your network settings.
  4. In the Synchronization policy area, specify whether and when to synchronize WSDLs:
    • Select Never if you do not want the remote WSDL to be updated.
    • Select On session launch to synchronize the WSDL each time you start the workbench.
    • Select Every to specify a synchronization period in days.
  5. Click OK.
    The WSDL is added to the Call Library.

What to do next

After the WSDL is imported, you can change the synchronization settings by right-clicking the WSDL in the generic service client Call Library or in the test navigator. Then select WSDL Synchronization. The WSDL Synchronization window also displays the date of the latest synchronization.