Deleting test assets

As your test assets grow and become more complicated, you might want to delete the assets that you no longer use.


In the Test Navigator, right-click the test asset, and then select Delete.
The following table summarizes how deleting an asset affects the other assets in your workspace.
Note: If you are deleting a test asset, you can choose to delete it from other test assets that refer it and you can choose to delete other test assets that are referenced only by the test asset that you are deleting.

For example, if you delete a dataset, the Remove references to test asset name in other test assets option lets you delete the dataset from all the test assets that uses it.

If you delete a test, the Delete files that are referenced only by test asset name option lets you delete all the test assets such as recsession and dataset that are referenced only by the test that you are deleting. If the dataset is used by another test too, it will not be deleted. The Preview button lets you see the assets that are referenced by the test.

Deleted asset Effect on other assets
Project You are prompted whether to delete the project contents. If you click Yes, the contents are physically deleted. If you click No, you will not see the contents in the Test Navigator, but the project remains in your workspace, which is, by default, C:\Documents and Settings\username\IBM\__SDP_FULL_SHORTNAME__n.n/workspace).
Schedule Deleting a schedule has no effect on other assets.
Test If you delete the test in the Test Navigator, the test is physically deleted.

If you open a schedule and delete a test, the test is deleted from the schedule, but the test remains available as a test asset.

Custom code If you delete the custom code class (.java file), then the reference to the class in the custom code action of the test will not work. Typically you delete the custom code class from the Resource perspective or the Java perspective.

If you delete the name of the custom code class that implements the custom code action, the deletion does not change the corresponding .java file.

Dataset If you delete a dataset in the Test Navigator, the dataset is physically deleted. When you open a test that uses the dataset, you are prompted to take one of these actions:
  • Locate the dataset
  • Remove the dataset reference from the test
  • Leave the invalid reference in
You must correct or delete the reference to run the test successfully.

If you open a test and delete the dataset from the Common Options tab, only the reference to the dataset is deleted.

Location You are not asked to confirm the deletion, nor are you warned if a user group uses the location. The user group is marked with a red X when you open the schedule that contains it.
Results You are asked to confirm the deletion, and the results are physically deleted.