Synchronizing a local WSDL file with GSC

If you edit a local WSDL source file, the Generic Service Client (GSC) should display the changes in the UI. You must keep the GSC up-to-date with the WSDL changes to ensure that you test the latest service request.

About this task

When you set GSC to automatically pick the WSDL changes, the GSC calls are fully re-created. This means that when you make some changes to WSDL, there might be some content that you did not change, however, was dependent on the changed content. Therefore, when you use this preference, the whole structure of the GSC calls is re-created.

The Request History view in GSC shows the changes occurred to the WSDL file.


To apply the local WSDL changes in GSC:
  1. Click Window > Preferences > Generic Service Client.
  2. Select the Apply WSDL changes to GSC check box.