Installation of the product by using IBM® Installation Manager

The Setup disk includes the launchpad program, which provides you with a single location to start the installation process.You must download the product bits and then from the Installation Manager point to the Setup disk.

Use the launchpad program to start the installation of software by using any of the following methods:
  • Installing from an electronic image on your local file system

  • Installing from an electronic image on a shared drive

Note: For Linux computers, you must log in as the root user before you begin the installation process.

For products that are installed by Installation Manager, starting the installation process from the launchpad program causes Installation Manager to be automatically installed if it is not already on your computer. Furthermore, the installation process is already configured with the location of the repository that contains the installation package. If you install Installation Manager separately, you must configure the repository preferences manually. Also, you can start the installation of a number of supporting software items from the launchpad.

To install Rational® Performance Tester as a non-administrator, you cannot use the launchpad program to start the installation process. Instead, you must manually run the userinst program from the Setup disk. Running the userinst program provides the same functions as starting the installation of Rational® Performance Tester from the launchpad.

You can also install Rational® Performance Tester from the command-line interface by using response files rather than using the Installation Manager graphical user interface. For more information about silent mode installation, refer to the IBM® Installation Manager documentation.