HTTP performance test reports

When you test an HTTP system, reports are produced during a run and saved after a run. You can then analyze the reports to know the performance of the system under test.

In a performance report, you can sort the order of HTTP pages that are captured in a test or schedule either by alphabetical order or order of execution of the HTTP pages. The default sorting of the HTTP pages is by order of execution.

You can either click the Execution order icon or the Alphabetical order icon to toggle between the sorting options. You can also click the Up Arrow icon to sort the HTTP pages in the correct order of execution or the correct alphabetical order. Similarly, you can click the Down Arrow icon to sort the HTTP pages in the reverse order of execution or the reverse alphabetical order.

If you want to identify specific test results, you can enter a tag or comment in the corresponding fields of the performance report to associate it with the test result as shown in the following image:

After the test run is complete, you can open the test results. You can click the Copy icon copy_icon to copy the contents of the table in the HTML format from the report. You can then paste the copied content into Microsoft Excel or any other application, such as browsers or scripts where you want to use the report information.