Accessibility features

Accessibility features help users who have physical disabilities, such as visual and, hearing impairment, or limited mobility, to use the software products successfully.

Accessibility features are product dependent and might include one or more of the following aspects:

  • Keyboard-only operation

  • Screen reader usage

  • Color and typeface preferences

Note: The accessibility features mentioned here apply to the Windows operating system. Some of these features might also work on Linux, but are not officially supported.

Accessibility compliance

To understand the accessibility compliance status for Rational® Performance Tester, refer to Accessibility Conformance Reports.

For more information about IBM and accessibility, refer to IBM Accessibility.

The product documentation is published by using Oxygen XML WebHelp Responsive. To understand the accessibility compliance status for Oxygen XML WebHelp Responsive, refer to WebHelp Responsive VPAT Accessibility Conformance Report.

Accessing UI elements

Rational® Performance Tester supports navigation in the UI by using different methods such as a mouse, keyboard, or touchpad.

You can use the keyboard keys such as Tab, arrow keys such as UP, DOWN, LEFT, and RIGHT to navigate to the different pages in the Navigation pane or to the different action labels in the right pane on the UI.