Introduction: Testing services

This tutorial introduces you to testing services in an SOA environment.

The service testing capabilities of IBM Rational Performance Tester or IBM Rational Service Tester for SOA Quality automate the creation, execution and analysis of functional, regression and performance tests for SOAP-based web services, XML services or plain text service.

Learning objectives

The tutorial is divided into four modules, each with its own learning objectives. Learn to perform the following tasks:
  • Creating a service test project
  • Importing a WSDL file
  • Creating a WSDL security stack
  • Invoking a service call and generating a service test
  • Simulating services with service stubs
This tutorial requires approximately 20 minutes to finish. If you explore other concepts related to this tutorial, it might take longer to complete.

Skill level



To complete this tutorial, you need to be familiar with the underlying concepts behind SOA and functional testing. Experience in using the perspectives and views in IBM® Rational® Software Development Platform are also required.