Viewing a test in the Protocol Data view

The Protocol Data view enables you to inspect the actual test data. You can see requests, response headers, and response contents, as well as the rendered images that you see through your browser. Use this view to obtain the information you need to add custom code or to manually correlate data. This view also lets you compare the recorded data with the data retrieved during a run.


  1. In the Test Navigator, browse to the test and double-click it.
    The test opens.
  2. Click the Protocol Data tab to open the view.
    Tip: If you cannot locate the Protocol Data tab, click Window > Show View > Protocol Data.
  3. In the test, click the line that corresponds to the page, request, or response that you want to view.
  4. In the Protocol Data view, click the tab that corresponds to the type of data or view of interest.
    The selected data is displayed in the Protocol Data view.
     Protocol Data view showing contents length, keep-alive, content type

What to do next

If you have problems during playback, you can compare the data that was recorded with the data that was retrieved during the run. For information on displaying the data retrieved during the run, see Inspecting HTTP test logs in the Protocol Data view.