Converting tests to use SSL connections

You can convert a test that was recorded without Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connections to use SSL connections.

About this task

If you develop performance tests on a lab computer that does not use secure connections, and then you must run the tests against a production server that requires SSL connections, you can add SSL to the server access configurations and reuse the tests.


To convert a server access configuration to use SSL for all associated connections:
  1. In the Test Navigator, browse to the test, and double-click it. The test opens.
  2. Expand the Test Resources section at the top of the test.
  3. Right-click the server access configuration that corresponds to the server where you want to add SSL, and then click Add > SSL.
    An SSL element is added as a child of the server access configuration.
  4. In the Test Element Details area for the server access configuration, type a new number in Port if the server uses a different port for SSL communication. If the port number is correlated with a server connection variable, select the port number, right-click, and select Go To > Variable: variable_name to navigate to the variable. Change the port number in the server connection variable.
  5. In the Test Element Details area for the SSL element, make a selection in Protocol, and type or select a name in Cipher.
  6. Repeat the same steps for all server access configurations to convert to use SSL.


When you run the test, the connections that are associated with the server access configurations use SSL.