Configuring Internet Explorer for recording from a secure web site

You can suppress the security warning that Internet Explorer displays when you are recording from a secure web site.

About this task

IBM® Rational® Performance Tester uses a proxy recording program that intercepts all traffic between the browser and the web server. During recording at a secure web site (with a web address that starts with https://), by default you see a security warning before every action and must confirm your acceptance of a security risk to continue.

If you do nothing, this warning is displayed with every browser action, and you must repeatedly click Yes to continue. Performing the following procedure installs the recorder certificate on the local host as a trusted authority and thereby disables warnings from Internet Explorer during recording at secure web sites. This procedure does not affect other browsers that record from secure web sites—they will display warnings before every action.


To disable security warnings when using Internet Explorer to record from a secure web site:

  1. During test recording, the first time the warning is displayed, click View Certificate.
  2. In the Certificate window, click Install Certificate.
  3. In the Certificate Import Wizard window, click Next.
  4. On the second page of the wizard, click Next.
  5. On the last page of the wizard, click Finish.
  6. In the Root Certificate Store confirmation window, click Yes.
  7. In the window that reports that the import was successful, click OK.
  8. In the Certificate window, click OK.
  9. In the Security Alert window, click OK.