Error conditions

Error conditions include verification point failures, connection failures, server timeouts, custom code alerts, custom code exceptions, and problems with data correlation. You can specify an action to take when the error condition occurs. The Errors report displays the error conditions and error behavior that occurred in a test or schedule.

Page Title Verification Point Failure [HTTP]

The returned title for the primary request for an HTTP page does not match the expected title. The default value of the expected page title is what is returned between the <title></title> tags during recording. See Specifying the expected page title for more information.

Response Code Verification Failure [HTTP]

The returned response code does not match the expected response code. You can specify an exact match or a relaxed match. See Specifying the expected response code for more information.

Response Size Verification Failure [HTTP]

The number of bytes returned does not match the expected number of bytes. You can control how closely the returned response size must match the recorded response size. See Specifying the expected response size for more information.

Content Verification Point Failure

The received data does not match the expected data. Content verification point controls are protocol-specific.

Connection Failure

The workbench or agent computers cannot connect to the server under test.

Authentication Failure

An attempt to log in to the server under test failed.

End of Dataset reached

The last row of the dataset is reached. See Dataset overview for more information.

Reference Extraction Failure

The response received during playback is different from the response received when the test was recorded. Data correlation failed because the regular expression that is associated with the reference did not match the expected value.

Substitution Failure

A reference for an expected data substitution is a null reference.

Server Timeout

The server under test does not respond before the timeout interval elapses.

Custom Verification Point Failure

A custom verification point did not return a Pass status after performing a verification written in Java code. See Reporting custom verification point failures for more information.

Custom Code Alert

Custom code reported an RPTCondition.CustomCodeAlert condition. The following code reports a custom code alert:
See the ITestLogManager Javadoc for more information.

The Javadoc for the test execution services interfaces and classes can be accessed from the product by clicking Help > Help Contents > IBM® Rational® Performance Tester API Reference.

Custom Code Exception

The custom code in a test has an exception. By default, Rational® Performance Tester exits the user whenever there is an exception in custom code. For information on setting different actions, see Error-handling behavior