Viewing test logs in Jaeger

You can use the Jaeger UI to view the test logs of the tests or schedules that you run from the command-line interface to analyze traces of transactions between distributed services.

Before you begin

You must have completed the following tasks:

About this task

While running tests or schedules by using the command-line interface, you must include the command -history jaeger in your test or schedule run. Adding the -history jaeger enables you to view the test log of the completed test or schedule from the Jaeger UI in a web browser.


  1. Run a test or schedule from the command-line interface by adding the -history jaeger option.
    For example: cmdline.bat -workspace workspace_full_path -project proj_rel_path -suite suite_rel_path -stdout -history jaeger
    The test or schedule runs and the result of the run is displayed.
  2. Open the Jaeger UI in a browser.
    For example: http://<host IP>:<port>.
  3. Select Rational Test Product from the Service list.
  4. Click Find Traces.
    In the Jaeger UI, you can view the entire test log of the test or schedule that you ran from the command-line.

What to do next

  • You can use the Jaeger traces to analyze test results.
  • You can compare the traces in the Jaeger UI with test logs in Rational® Performance Tester to confirm that they are the same.