Build parameters for Jenkins

You can define the build parameters when you configure either Freestyle or Pipeline projects. You must map the build parameters with the parameters of Run an IBM Rational Functional Tester - Functional Test. When you use the build parameters, Jenkins prompts you to enter a value for the defined parameter when you run the Jenkins job. Each parameter has a name and value.

Jenkins supports various types of build parameters. You can choose the type of parameter based on your requirements. Some of the commonly used types of parameters are as follows:

  • Boolean
  • Choice
  • Credentials
  • File
  • String
  • Multi-line String
  • Password

After you add the parameter, the name that you provided for the parameter must be entered in the corresponding field in the Run an IBM Rational Functional Tester - Functional Test step in the following format:


For example, ${workspace}

Each time when you run a test from Jenkins, you might want to specify the dataset iteration count. In such a case, you can add a String Parameter by selecting the This project is parametrized option from the General tab when you configure the project.

You can then provide a name for the string parameter as Count in the Name field. You can also provide a default value to be used in the Default Value field and describe the parameter in the Description field. These are optional fields.

When you provide the details of the test run in the Run an IBM Rational Functional Tester - Functional Test step, you can enter the value for the Iteration Count field as ${Count}.

When you run the Jenkins job, the Count parameter prompts for you to specify the number of iterations. You can provide the number of dataset iterations to be used for the test run. You must then click Build to run the test.