Prerequisites to export unified reports as a PDF

After you run tests in Rational® Functional Tester, the results are displayed in unified reports. Before you export the unified reports as a PDF, you must have read about the prerequisite tasks that you can perform to customize the appearance of the PDF files that are exported from the unified reports.

You can perform the following customizations in the exported PDF files:

  • Highlight only the verification points and exclude the details displayed in the tabular form for test steps in the PDF.
  • Increase the size of screen captures that are displayed in the PDF.
  • Exclude screen captures of specific SAP GUI test steps in the PDF.
Note: If you do not customize the preferences for the exported PDF, the PDF displays the details of the test steps in the tabular form along with images of the screen captures in their default size. This default format might render the PDF to run into several pages and the details of the verification points might confuse you to correlate with the images.

For information about the tasks that you must perform to customize the view of the exported PDF, see Customizing PDF files exported from unified reports.

You can also perform the customizations from the command line by using the -vmargs option. For more information, see Configuration of test runs from the command line.

If you have already customized the view of the exported PDF files and you want to remove the customization, see Removing customization of PDF files exported from unified reports.

Languages supported for PDF export

When you set up your computer on which you installed Rational® Functional Tester in any of the supported languages, you can also view the PDF files that you export from the unified reports in any of the following supported languages:

Supported language to export PDF files Locale set in your computer
Brazilian Portuguese pt_BR
English en_US
French fr_FR
German de_DE
Hungarian hu_HU
Italian It
Spanish es